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How to Use Dry Ice

  • Keep dry ice wrapped in newspaper, paper bags, or towels for safety and to extend the life of the dry ice.
  • When using dry ice for cooling foods, place the dry ice in the BOTTOM of a cooler, refrigerator, or insulated container.
  • Do not allow foods to have direct contact with the dry ice. Place an insulating material — such as cardboard — between the dry ice and food.
  • Do not put dry ice in your drink.
  • When using dry ice to keep foods frozen, place the dry ice ON TOP of the items you want frozen.
  • A small block of dry ice (5 to 7 pounds) wrapped in an insulating container has an effective cooling time of 18 to 24 hours.

Safe Handling of Dry Ice

  • Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide — avoid direct contact with the skin.
  • Handle it with care — use gloves, a towel, etc. to insulate your fingers when handling the dry ice.
  • If you must transport dry ice in your car, either open the windows or set the air conditioner to “fresh” outside air rather than “recirculate.” Carbon dioxide build-up can be hazardous in a closed space.
  • Keep children at a safe distance from dry ice at all times!
Safe Disposal of Dry Ice

  • Do not dispose of dry ice in a sewer, sink, toilet, garbage disposal, garbage chute, etc.
  • Allow leftover dry ice to evaporate (turn into a gas) in a well-ventilated area where no buildup of carbon dioxide vapor can occur.
  • Keep dry ice away from children and pets.