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Storm Central

Welcome to Huntsville Electric's Storm Central

Storms can strike in any season and sometimes can cause damage that interrupts electric service.

Please use this site to find useful information to help reduce the inconvenience of being without power if a storm disrupts service in your area. Whenever weather forecasts indicate a major storm is approaching, look here for preparation tips and information.

Storm Preparation

The information and tips provided in this page can guide you and your family in preparing for storms and severe weather.

During an Outage
Report an electric service problem.
Report an Outage    

Outage Information
Information about electric power outages in the Con Edison service area.
Outage Location Map      

Power Outage Video Animations
Module 1 - How is electricity delivered?
Module 2 - What causes a power outage?
Module 3 - How does Con Edison respond?
Module 4 - How can I be prepared?

Storm Recovery
Straight talk about restoring electrical service.
Your power is out and that matters to us   Safety is our first concern
Skilled employees, dedicated to quickly restore your power  An efficient process determines restoration priorities
Common Questions  Make safety your first concern
How you can help during a storm or bad weather   


Frequently asked questions about power outages.
Why do I lose power?   How can I help?
What should I do if a household member relies on electric equipment for a medical condition?  Why do some people get their power restored faster than others?
My neighbor has power, but I don't. Why?  My electric service is out, but my phone works. Why?
Why don't I see repair crews in my area?  If dry ice is available, how do I use it?

Many government agencies and other organizations that respond in times of emergencies have a wealth of information on their Web sites.

For information about weather 
National Weather Service
National Hurricane Center
National Weather Service Forecast Office
For information about emergency response
American Red Cross 
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
U.S. Department of Homeland Security