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Working outdoors in hot weather can result in serious illness or even death. Workers exposed to extreme heat may experience symptoms of heat-related illnesses (HRI), such as heat cramps, heat rash, heat exhaustion, fainting, heat stroke and other symptoms. Heat-related illness is also linked to injuries from falls, equipment operation accidents and other on-the-job incidents.
Keep well hydrated. Don't wait for thirst before taking a drink; drink enough water so that you don't become thirsty. Take more breaks in the shade or a cool area when possible.



Everything Is Made of Atoms

In order to understand electricity, we need to know something about atoms. Everything in the universe is made of atoms every star, every tree, every animal. The human body is made of atoms. Air and water are, too. Atoms are the building blocks of the universe. Atoms are so small that millions ...
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Counterfeit Electrical Products

Watch a video "Counterfeits Can Kill". Every day, counterfeit electrical products are finding their way into our homes, businesses, and public institutions. These fraudulent products pose a serious financial and legal liability to the electrical industry, and they have become a grave safety crisis for our communities...
Electrical Trivia Challenge 7

Question #1 In the 2014 NEC, the voltage threshold has been moved from 600V up to _______ in many locations.
A. 800V
B. 1,000V
C. 1,200V
The World Is Plugging Into Batteries

As the consumption of power generated by unconventional sources grows, so does the need to store that power. Whether it is due to the intermittent nature of the power (as in the case of renewables) or the need for portability...
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